Wendy Allen, PHF, MFT
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Marriage Counseling and Coaching in Santa Barbara also serving Goleta, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura.

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 Marriage & Individual
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Wendy Allen, PhD., MFT has been working as a clinical therapist for 30 years. She is an expert in many areas and has a strong speciality in Marrige and Couples Therapy. "I love to do this work. I really believe 'Happy Marriages Are Possible'. I will work with you on one marriage issue or to pull your marriage back from the brink, if need be. I will fight for your marriage until one of you looks me in the eye and tells me to stop."

  • Affair Repair Therapy

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Relationship counseling is all about knowing yourself and what you can change and bring to the table. Both partners will have work to do. This is a innovative, cutting-edge model that can bring you into a radically new kind of relationship as you and your partner work towards a fierce intimacy.

Wenyd Allen PhD

Marriage Program / Relational Living Institute:

Wendy Allen is the only Certified therapist for this program in the tri-county area

Therapy Counseling by Wendy Allen
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Therapy for anxiety, phobias, and trauma. Adults and children.

Therapy Counseling by Wendy Allen
 Help for Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction
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Resources and Books about Couples Therapy
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ARTICLE - A Matter of Choice
Deciding: to be right or be married?
by Terry Real


Also Marriage Coaching by Skype:
Having a specific problem in your marriage?
Trying to decide to leave or stay?
Can't get to my office in Santa Barbara?
Phone work with me is very effective and convenient for you and your partner. Skype and webcam add to the effectiveness of working with me.