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Testimonials for Wendy Allen

"Wendy Allen helped save our marriage. She does Marriage Therapy differently from any other counselor we’ve seen.”
B.&S, Ojai

“I thought my partner and I were heading for divorce. We had tried everything. Wendy’s unique approach taught us things we had never known.”
J&T, Santa Barbara

“We had one session in Boston with Terry Real. He recommended Wendy to us and after a lot of work, proposed to my wife in Wendy’s office!”
J&B, Pismo Beach

“When we were in therapy with Wendy, she helped us see ourselves and our relationship in a completely new way which was very helpful and fascinating.”
Jim and Marie S.

Our work with Wendy helped put our marriage back together. We thought we were headed for divorce but we saw a better option — changing our own behaviors and our attitudes. She shone a very clear spotlight on our marriage and got us out of behaviors that were damaging it.”
Ivana and Demetri N.

We came to see Wendy for a marriage tune-up. We got that and much more. She is so funny and smart. We worked hard and laughed a lot.
Mario and Selena M.