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BEST BOOKS FOR YOUR SMALL BUSINESS Summarized with skill-sets for your success.
I'll read the book, so you don't have to!

Today's book:
The Astonishing Power of Feelings
by LYNN GRABHORN, c.2000.
Published by Hampton Books, VA.


This book was recommended to me more than any other when I was in coaching school. It's a book for anyone who has their own business and wants to have more coming there way. This is a delightful book and despite its flaws, this is a book that grows on you.

What is "more?" Defined by Lynn Grabhorn, MORE is more energy, abundance, manna, that will attract what you most desire in your life. Most of the people I coach want MORE: clients, customers, money, fulfillment, etc. Grabhorn has written a whole book that shows you in simply teaches her method of acquiring abundance.

WARNING: This book works with the mind, body, and the spirit in the context of energy; how to create it, have it work for you, and how to work it. I don't believe it is founded on any scientific basis, but Grabhorn presents her model with conclusions that have worked for her and others. She is a very successful entrepreneur.

MOST IMPORTANT, I don't believe there is anything wrong in with using her model of energy exhilaration and it certainly can't hurt you, either. And I must say, I've spent more time with this book by writing about it and I've been practicing the exercises more rigorously. I have noticed things in my life changing. A lot of friendly and active energy has moved to the physical and work front.

Grabhorn's premise is that by altering and enhancing our feelings and thoughts we can project out powerful positive energy which then attracts the same from our environment that in turn brings us into a continual state of abundance.

Who wouldn't want that? She likens our power to do this by creating enough of an energy-fueled buzz to magnetize our entity into the same frequency as all the other positive and powerful energies out there. Like electro-magnetic theory, the combination begins to vibrate and causes a quiet electrical storm. The result? You vibrate in something like manna from heaven.

So, Grabhorn says, there are two kinds of person energy: Good Energy and Bad. Even though it's all energy we just vibrate them differently. Bad energy vibrates in an out-of-control faucet like when water goes down the toilet. Everyday existence energy is kind of flat line, maybe even a little depressive. Good Energy vibrates from good feelings and thoughts. It kind vibrates itself right into a "buzz." And the more you get "buzzed" or "jazzed"as we feel, so we vibrate more, do more, and attract more.


The Four Steps to Creating a Buzz:

1. Think about what you don't wan't. (or as Grabhorn says, "Oh No, Not That!" She writes that we must be careful not to just turn a Don't Want into a Want: Like saying, "I Don't want to be Sick Anymore." Or, "I Want to be Rich" (which is just a turnaround of a don't have). But if you don't want a condition you're in then you have to identify it and create an intention to the positive. Example : Change, "I Want to Be Rich" to "I want to Love My Work and Have Fun With It and Bring In a lot of lovely, fun customers who need me a lot."

An intention is a game we play when we try to articulate our spirit and turn it over to the Divine. One famous guru said to a group, "When you say you want more money, what you really need to be asking for is more manna." I believe she was saying that we must ask to be rich in abundance in all areas.

Here are the four steps to doing this (and they are not as easy as you might think)

1 . Identify What You Don't Want
Example-"I don't want to stay in this place that makes me feel like I'm a victim (there's too much competition, everyone is doing better than me, what's wrong with me?") Example:" I want to be in a work mode where I'm productive, creative and giving out what's unique about me and attracts like-minded people who really need my services." Maybe that sounds like a mouthful, but I think you get then point.

2. Idenitfy What We Do Want ("Yes, Yes! That, That and That!")
The energy that flows from most people is generally about Don't Wants. This comprises a big "sea" of negative energy that can vibrate you into the toilet if you get caught up. Here are your choices: Either you learn to identify a positive vibration from a negative one ("and take control of our Wants from our Don't Wants) or we stay in struggle, discord, and conflict.

How do we do this? Shift from the yearning of wanting to a different energetic place.
Here's an exercise to get you to feel the contrast:
Plump Up Those Tender Feelings: Pick out an image of something you love. (My goddaughter)
Focus on one thing I love about her (When she laughs)
Notice the smile that comes to my face.
Focus on the things I adore about her some more to get a bigger, broader smile.
Sometimes you can do this by adding in physical activity. Endorphins can help you!
Fold in (like a cake recipe) this great, high-energy feeling with what I Do Want.

Step #3. Feeling the Place of Your Wants. (Once know what you want, then you must find the feeling that goes with what you want and build the vibrations up, up, and up.)
Then, make an intention out of it (see above). Example: I have a lot of energy and do great work. I intend to attract 10 (or 20 or 100 depending on your business) new clients who need that energy. Say this intention repeatedly or stick it on your hard drive and focus on it with your most tender feelings. Ramp them up. Vibrate them up. See how a shift has occurred already? Feeling means "getting jazzed about" (an expression I used in the '80"s, but nice to see it have a comeback).

And, keep plumping up your most tender feelings. I do this so much now that it works against the gravity that pulls my middle-aged face naturally downwards these days. Now, I'm ramping up and smiling all the time. A cheap face lift!

Grabhorn offers up an image that stays with me. She says that she often goes out and chops wood (and doesn't she sound like the type who would do just this?) to ramp her vibrations into a flurry of good feelings. Think about those endorphins sparking off the axe and flying up into the atmosphere!

What are the guts of Step #3? How do you build up feelings to something you Want but don't yet have? First of all, get unstuck from a blocked pattern of thinking like, "You can't fight City Hall." The trick is, to change your focus," Example: I don't have to do this alone. I can find helpful people to make sure I get what I need." Grabhorn explains. If there is a way that you are cognitively blocking, then negative feelings are a part of that. To fix this you have to "tough-love" your way out of this with self talk. You have to get tough with yourself, not get down on yourself. Are you feeling like a victim? Fake optimism until you feel it. Feeling obsessed with your problems? Tender talk yourself until you're off that focus and have shifted onto something more productive.

Don't think you can bulldoze your way to abundance. You have to recognize the action of raising your vibrations until it feels good to you, just like the perfect radio frequency; in tune, your favorite station, and loud enough to get you dancing. This raises what's in your soul to a vibrational invitation that attracts and lets similar vibrational responders in.

This basic Law of Attraction can be activated by lots of practice. Start playing with your energy. See if you can switch rapidly into an intense Feel Good mode. Inflate a vigorous "up" and see what you can get to buzz in response to the altered frequency. If you fold a desire into a high feeling (thinking about it while you are up) it will start a good chance of coming about.

As Grabhorn explored this method, she began "to see the intriguing phenomenon that would occur just as she felt her buzz." In the pit of her stomach there was a place where she'd loose her breath in a "whoosh" just like at the moment when the roller coaster takes off.

She realized that this whoosh feeling was the same kind of sensation if you have to swerve abruptly in your car. This is a sense of fear. Why should it be intruding? "When fear hits us, the adrenals are socked with a sudden burst of electromagnetic energy causing the immediate release of adrenal secretion. The adrenals, she figured out, respond in the same way when they are opened up with a surge of energy. "Energy is energy".and whether it comes out as fear or excitement in these situations depends on how much you can use the "whoosh" to elevate the ideas and intentions that make you feel good. You can use this energy surge to elevate your feelings to the highest level of delight and joy.

To Sum Up So Far:
1.To get the buzz started, do something physical, like a meaningful little smile. Let it go deeper and take you with it, link it to a deep feeling and "pull it up from the deepest point of you're being. Wait for the warm sensation or a little tingling.
2. Hold on to the high frequency of your "Gentle Inner Smile" and replace it with a feeling that can take you far, like pleasure, joy, and love of something.
3. Hold this high energy field and fold into a Want or Intent after you are good at doing the first three steps.

Comment dit, More Money?
The more she buzzed and brought her high frequencies to the intentions of her business, the more the 'Money Rolled In!" Example: I have a great idea for mortgage brokering (this is what she does.) I am going to put it out there in every way I can and I expect that many, many people will respond to this." This is what she says and I know she is a very successful entrepreneur.

Como se dice, More Money?
Take the whole experience, enjoy it, repeat it often and then, (Step #4) expect it, listen, and allow the universe to bring it up.
Get out of your own way and listen for what may be a sign or a cue that the link is taking place. Let it be o.k. that it hasn't happened yet, but TRUST and EXCPECT that this will happen for you, so just relax, do Steps 1-3 and wait for it.

How do you say, More Money?
Add pleasure, enthusiasm, gratitude, and those you love to the high frequency of your intent.
Don't just say, "I want money to pay my bills, dig deeper. Think about what you would do with more money after you'd pay your bills, the life you've always wanted and the ease and peace of mind you'd develop as you live it. Buzz that!

Remember (and these are my final words on the subject):

1. It's not about the money, it's about how you're flowing your energy. The money will come when you stop looking at how much you don't have. If you look at "not enough money" you'll be all negative.

2. Emotionally spend the money you want again and again and each to give the energy outlets time to flow. You will create the energy level of prosperity.

3. Open to receive! Put signs up in the house that reminds you to stay open to this.

4.Watch your excuses. They will block this whole exercise.

5. "Always remember that what has been has nothing whatsoever to do with what can be!"


Wendy Allen, Ph.D, MFT is a small business coach and psychotherapist. She does 1:1 private clients, group teleclasses, teaches around the country, and has been published several times about her Jump Into Your Best Life! Coaching Program.

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