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About Wendy Allen Small Business Coach

I have been a psychotherapist in Santa Barbara for 30 years. Psychotherapy is one of the professions that gets better with age and experience, so the older I get, the better I get as a therapist. At this point I’m really good!

Psychotherapy is a deep combination of art, craft, and science. Together, my clients and I are creative, open, and very practical. Therapy with me can last three sessions or three years, depending on what you want and need.

I have always been struck by the beauty and elegance of marriage counseling when it’s done correctly. It truly is a separate breed from family therapy. I have been trained by some of the best in the world and have built my own couples therapy model on everything I know that works and everything I’ve experienced in and out of the office.

Coaching has required that I go through extra and specific trainings, very different from therapy.

Therapy is about the past and present, coaching about the present and the future. Coaching and therapy have separate distinct rhythms of unfolding and I know how to nurture, peel back, and let what’s inside you unfold to help give us answers to everything you want or need.